Al Furat Rose

Al Furat Rose Trading is a wholesale company that provides retailers with exceptional clothing and footwear collections as well as home accessories. The company was established more than 40 years ago when the Al Koukh Brand was launched in Baghdad in 1970.
Today the company is the owner of more than 20 Al Koukh branches throughout Iraq. 
Al Furat Rose Trading Co. LLC has its branches in China and Turkey even though Dubai still does all the main transactions. 
In order to support the production line, the company chooses suppliers from United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, China, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, the Philippines and other countries to provide the best quality garment.
Al Furat Rose Trading as the holder of the leading fashion brand in Iraq has a sales volume over $50 million a year, providing a very competitive and reasonable pricing policy. We price fairly to provide our customers with the best value they can get.
Al Furat Rose Trading Co. LLC is proud to provide the Middle East customers with the fashion garment from best world’s manufacturers.


To be a leading Middle East company, with a team of enthusiastic, creative and highly qualified employees that achieve personal and company goals, providing goods that can meet consumer's expectations. 


  • to provide our customers with exclusive and iconic designs of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and footwear, as well as home accessories;
  • to become one of the market-leading brands across the GCC 
  • to operate stylish, fashionable stores, providing exclusive shopping experience and superior services to our customers



We inspire our partners to create exclusive designs to become not competitive but leading brand of the Middle East fashion industry.


We would like to be referred as a company that values the importance of service level and customer satisfaction, as Al Furat Rose Trading stands for refined quality and reasonable pricing policy, making your buying experience unforgettable. 


Al Koukh is a leading local fashion brand in Iraq, having more than 12 branches in Baghdad and about 10 throughout the country. We work hard to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, as our main goal is to satisfy even the most extravagant taste.
Starting as a brand providing only women’s fashion garments, Al Koukh expanded its variety. Today our goods represent 4 main lines of everyday life that is Ladies’ and Men’s Fashion, Kidswear and Home Accessories. 
Our designers try to follow the main streams of European Fashion combining it with the peculiarities of the Arabic Culture. Such a mix definitely makes our brand unique at The Middle East market.


Al Koukh Brand aims to provide customers with fashion wear and accessories bringing innovation, creativity, and style within their lives. We build meaningful relationships not only with our customers, but also with our employees and associates to gain mutual trust and respect.
Providing fair and reasonable pricing policy, Al Koukh easily helps its customers to create a unique style due to great experience in the sphere of fashion without spending a lot.


  • Our great experience brings about great performance
  • We deal with the best local and foreign suppliers
  • We know how to select goods that fit our customers’ needs 
  • We have efficient internal operations and procurement processes
  • We are well fitted with the social, economic, environmental, political and cultural situations in the Middle East.


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Al Furat Rose has remarkable certifications that grant it even a better privilege in doing business